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Q1.What is Non-Surgical Hair replacement treatment?

Non-surgical Hair replacement refers to the services rendered to a client without using any surgical procedures, no injection, no medication, no cuts and no pain.

Q2. Kindly clarify if post treatment I am allowed to swim, take shower, workout, cycle or sleep with the hair replacement system on?

The hair replacement system is a wonderful option, since it not only makes you swim, take shower, workout, cycle or sleep post your hair replacement treatment, we assure you that the hair replacement system will not be obstructed by any weather including summer and hot & humid environments.

Q3.What is the duration, the non -surgical hair replacement system to remain on my head?

It all depends on individual to individual basis, the various circumstances the client's hair system will remain on your head for up to one month at a time and then the person is needed to come for the servicing. Total life span also depends on what quality of hair patch they have chosen. For an idea it will be good to use from 6 months to one and half years.

Q4.What is the minimum time span to get the hair replacement process done?

Post the consultation session and finalizing your template, we believe our bespoke, super attended system will call for a minimal span of 2-3 days. Customized patch can take up to 1 month to deliver. Please note it all depends on your system and how the treatment proceeds and sometime shows result much quicker than our anticipated time span.

Q5. IS there an option where you offer complimentary consultations on Skype in case we are unable to attend personal consultation session?

We do not provide complimentary Consultation for customers online. For more information, we would request you to drop in a one liner and seek a one in one appointment.

Q6.Do you have any other branch or franchisee of Madheads other than Noida?

For now we do not have any other Franchisee but there are lot on the pipeline.

Q7.I have a sensitive skin and I usually have irritant skin-how do I fit for non-surgical hair replacement service?

Our hair systems are well deliberate to suit and suspend occurring problems as clients have sensitive skin problem. Furthermore, we will measure and evaluate the extent of our client's skin during the complimentary consultation and create a hair system that won't be troubling you post service.

Q8.If for any reason I need help with the hair system, will you help me?

Of Course we will.

Q9. Can you explain what differs 'Human-Hair' and 'Synthetic Hair'?

Well, Human-Hair is accurately what it defines as, it is 'your very own', simple to maintain and looks completely natural. Where 'Synthetic Hair' is shaped in huge quantity and is created of materials which are non-human hair.

Q10. How do you define hair system as non-surgical hair-replacement system and not an artificial wig? What the main difference?

The word hair systems, non-surgical hair replacement systems. The hair industry is a dynamic industry and continuously evolving over the last few decades, the term 'wigs', have become in many ways dismissed as the non-surgical hair management systems. This will make it smart, natural and great looking.

Q11.Do we call it a "toupee"?

The word toupee, is primarily used as a clear reference, but having the dynamic ever-growing acceptance and reputable of hair product gets extra natural and sleek; it is hence not mentioned as a wig and understated as a simple hair enhancing system.

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